03 January 2010

Around the World (Web Site is Up!!!)

Well, I've really done it this time!! As is my nature, when I get an idea or a thought I tend to run with it wide open until completion. For the last four days I've been working on my website, tweaking it here, tweaking it there; trying to get it just right. But I've found there is no just right and it will never be finished. There is always something that will need to be repositioned or added to make me happy...did I mention having OCD is not helpful.

One of the most frustrating things has been my complete lack of understanding of HTML...or what it stands for at least. But I've come to realize this, it can make or break a site. I have tried a hundred different ways to move my blog directly to the website, but I can't seem to get the HTML code to work for the comment portion of the blog. Not that I don't like Blogspot, I do, but I just want more control over my content and have to clutter up my page with banners and ads. Anywho...

I'm really happy to be joining the ranks of fellow bloggers in tackling the monumentious task of trying to redefine prehospital care. Now I don't have any grand thoughts that a website will do that, but it does give people access to our ideas, problems and agenda.

I have a short list of things that I will be defining and discussing over the next month or so that is related to the system that I work with-in. We here in our county are at a turning point as far as how EMS is governed and provided to the citizens. The past few months have been ripe with accusations, ideas, solutions and even a few ostriches who refuse to take their heads out of the sand and concede we have some problems.

As for the website, if anyone has any ideas on how to do a blog outside of a host, please let me know. I'd also like a little feedback if you happen to pop over to the site at www.firstduemedic.com

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