27 January 2010

And the ship starts to turn.....

As any of you who have read some of my post over the past month or so, you may have seen a developing trend and started to reach a conclusion. You may have concluded that I'm a cantankerous 'ol fart and can't find peace with anybody or anything. Or you might have seen the passion for my job smothered by frustration with my local system. Well, if you're thinking one or the other, chances are they're both right....for right now anyway.

For all the faults that I have found or identified in my system, there is one area that that fosters an environment for these types of things continue and to also grow.

The one thing we lack here in this area is accountability. Truth is that everybody around here just kinda does what they want to, how they want to and when they want to all for the sake of "getting the call covered". Well today that has changed!!

For the last five months there has been another surge for the volunteer agencies to try and implement an oversight panel comprised of a panel chosen by the ensconced leaders of those organizations. Basically what this would have amounted to is the continuation of the fox guarding the hen house.

Today I had the honor and privilege of attending a meeting of our county supervisors and hear the debate that will eventually lead to the transference of power and oversight of EMS to our Department of Public Safety.

"What!! You already had a Public Safety department established and the had no oversight authority?"

That's right folks. Each of the five rescue squads in our county were only answerable to their respective board of directors or chosen leaders. Each squad has different bi-laws, different SOP's, different priorities all under the auspices of serving their community. Public Safety's only role was to be available to assist the volunteer agencies if they asked for it and to be a liaison between the providers and the OMD.

Today we start the formation of a system. A system where a standard of care will be even across the board. A system that will be united for the sole purpose of ensuring that each and every citizen gets the care they need and deserve without political wrangling and posturing from those who me have ulterior motives.

I don't have any misguided views or thoughts of a utopian paradise evolving. I also know that this will be a long process that will purposely be implemented as to not hurt feelings and peoples pride; but this is a start, and that's all I/we have asked for!!

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