23 March 2010

Funny....real funny

A little change in pace before I pick my next carefully chosen battle.

I'm not always wound up about something as one may think, shoot I have fun just as much as the next guy and even involve other people in my antics. We've got to have a release in this line of work or we'll be as batty as those we serve.

My partner may not approve of my sharing the perils he has participated in or been the subject of...but it was funny. The first one I can't lay claim to but it goes something like this.

We'll just call my partner Paco for the sake of discussion. Paco and I have have worked together for two years now on the bus and we've seen just about everything. Paco's an all around good guy and will do just about anything you ask him to...as long as it benefits him in some way. But the guy is a little gullible and avails himself to these sort of things. The good side of it is that there is usually a learning experience in it for us all **snickering**.

Paco was working one night with Guy and there was this particularly messy call he was involved in. There they were at the hospital, transferred care and were now in the process of restocking the truck.

Guy: Damn, I knew I forgot something.

Paco: What d'ya need, I'll get.

Guy: Run inside and tell one of the nurses I need a set of fallopian tubes from the cabinet.

Paco: Okay

And he did....

We rode him pretty hard about that one for a while, after all it was funny. Admit it!! You're sitting there right now thinking of some poor schlump you can pull that one on.

It took a while before the time was just right for another one.

We are doing what seemed to be a routine transport to the hospital, but I decided to give it a twist and give it a little urgency. Now, when we're transporting in, it's the driver that calls the report in to the ER.

I'm in the back and I'm all serious, I'm taking blood pressures and looking intently at the monitor. I'm really working the patient up good. You would think the patient was a major multi-systemic trauma victim the way I'm checking her over.

Paco (from the front): What you want me to call this in as?

GK: **with ALL seriousness** Just tell them 70yo female with an acute priapism.

Paco: Want me to run code?

GK: No need to run hard, just nice and steady if you would.

You should have seen the looks on their faces when we walked into the ER. There wasn't a cheek that wasn't being bit to keep from laughing.

Then the other night it hits again. We're doing another routine transport and have just loaded the stretcher into the truck. I can tell he just doesn't feel like riding this one in...for whatever reason.

GK: Paco, jump up in there and get me a B/P, I'll come in the curb door and do my thing up there.

Paco: O.K. (and dutifully jumps on in)

What did I do? I shut the doors, got in the driver seat and we went to the hospital; all the while watching an obviously disgruntled Paco through the rear-view mirror.

I know....mine is coming! Bring it!


  1. Trying asking for some mylin sheaths, or eustacian tubes. Funny as all get out!

  2. Nice! I have to say that has to get a good laugh or two :) I know a few jokes from some of the older guys in my department but they are a tad less harmless than words...

  3. "what it is was"....."im a little short right now, give me a dollar"