26 December 2009

Gonna take it to the world

I just received a phone call a while ago from a trusted friend about a hair-brained idea he and another friend had. Looks like I'm going to be involved in a stream cast. With all the possibilities now days to broadcast yourself to the world, I guess it wasn't too long coming for me to jump on the bandwagon. It looks like there is a project in the works called Ask the Medic. Pretty clever title I guess, but nobody ever listens to the medic, and we certainly don't listen to each other. Now let me be clear about this, I am on board with this idea 100%, but I have some reservations.

Anybody who has been around the EMS/Public Safety scene for any length of time knows the EMS community is a hard nosed crowd to be around. We are, or can be the most cinical and critical of other providers skills, tactics and interpretations. I'm not really sure what the whole platform will be about with this production and I surely hope I don't develop the idea that this is going to change the world. It may. But so far other like "shows" and/or podcast haven't changed the world, but they are starting to roll the tide.

From what I understand there is going to be some humor to all this with my segment called "Ronnie's Raging Rants".....trust me folks, I'm good at it. If there's something that deserves a little rightous indignation; I'm on it! There will be some teaching and critiquing I'm sure, but most importantly of all, an opportunity to put a light on our own EMS system as it continues to develop. Maybe an opportunity to do some real in-depth interviews with local influences and a little research will avail itself.

Whatever may happen with this, I hope... no I'm sure, it will be for the good and betterment of EMS. A little tongue-in-cheek humor will no doubt will emerge and maybe even some issues that deserve a few minutes in the spotlight will get the attention they deserve...or warrant(pun intended).

If you've done this kind of thing yourself, let me know how it went for you. Give us some suggestions, ask questions and have a good laugh at our expense, we won't mind a bit.

As soon as I have more details I will post them here and on Facebook.

Until next time....Medic Up!!

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  1. Hey Ronnie,

    If it's anything like live radio, it will take some time to get used to, just remember all they can do is listen so you have to address them out there. You should have loads of fun making a tit of yourself, lol.

    Keeping it real!!