09 November 2009

The Few....The Proud

Why The Gate Keeper? Because I...we need to be, and you probably agree! Unfortunatly we are in a day and age where someone has to be the one willing to stand up for what is right. There seem to be too many who are wiling to circumvent the rules, regulations and the standards that are set forth to dictate what is right and or decent.

In my profession there is a great divide between the true professionals and the wish-we-were professional paramedics. Granted, we're not doctors, but we know just enough to work independantly of medical oversight and provide a favorable outcome for the patient. This is what sets us apart from the rest of the health care professions. With this responsibility woven into the mantel that we wear, one would think that we would have at least half the respect of a real doctor. But due to the abuse of the priviledges and courtisies afforded us, disregard and lack of adherance to a code of ethics, we continue to relegate ourselves to that of a bastard child of the allied health care system.

In this blog I hope to teach myself to be more forgiving of others as they grow and become well rounded in their art and skills. It is too easy to be hyper-critical due to the inconsistancies of the respective systems throughout the United States and even the world. From my daily routines in EMS, whether it be on the career side or volunteer, I hope provide a more clear picture of the evolution that is taking us from good samaritians to that of a respected professional health care provider.

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